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      ABOUT US

      Since 2008, Riz Media has been providing outstanding advertising options for local and international online businesses. We have helped create respectable brand reputations through our media tools and intelligent strategies in digital advertising. Through the years, we have developed proven solutions on how to reach the world through the web to make your business grow with maximum profits and minimum risks.

      Our main focus is centered on large scale media buys, social traffic and mobile traffic to generate quality leads for our clients. In incorporating all three, we believe that our performance create the most impact in pushing to achieve your marketing goals. Giving you a vast reach of clientele and a venue for making your brand known, Riz Media answers your every marketing need.

      Our team of experts come from various niches in the marketing industry and has had many years of experience as well as numerous success stories. The dynamic partnership we have created in our company has lucratively helped us achieve our mission to bring the world to our clients' reach. Riz Media is all about great results and that is good for you and your business because that is what matters in this very competitive industry.

      With a proven track record, you can expect Riz Media to deliver only the best results. We don't just stop there though. With the fast paced changes in the World Wide Web, we improve every day and we make sure that we take our partners with us in every forward step we take.

      WHAT WE DO

      Large Media Buys

      We locate the most strategic venues for your advertisement banners to ensure that you get the relevant demographics for your business. Riz Media does not only place your ads anywhere, we place it where it matters.

      Social Traffic

      Your customers are in social networks, which make it necessary for you to be there too. They have the questions, you have the answers and Riz Media creates the platform you need to make your presence known to them.

      Mobile Traffic

      Mobile use is now a must and your mobile advertisements must work for you. Don't waste your resources. Riz Media develops the latest technologies in helping you make mobile traffic work for you.


      Eleah Portillo, Director of Affiliate Management at Adsimilis

      "Rohail is a true professional from start to finish. Advertisers consistently ask for more of his high-quality, targeted traffic, as he over-delivers with innovative executions while playing exactly by the rules - a rarity in this line of work. Trustworthy and driven, Rohail hides his sharp entrepreneurial spirit beneath a friendly demeanor and humbleness rare for successful affiliates. I have full faith that his keen industry know-how will help you bring your own affiliate marketing game to the next level."

      Alexander Tsatkin, CEO at MobAff

      “Rohail was one of the first affiliates to realize the potential of mobile. Unlike other affiliates who just chase bush buttons systems, Rohail knows the value of taking the time to learn and gain experience in order to succeed. It has been a pleasure to watch Rohail go from not knowing how mobile works to one of the top affiliates on our network. Anyone can claim they understand marketing, but its people like Rohail who can take that knowledge and put it to use.”